IBM® Host Access Transformation Services® (HATS) is designed to quickly modernize 5250 and 3270 applications. HATS provides access to all iSeries/zSeries applications. By combining a powerful, on-the-fly transformation of application screens with a strong development environment, applications can be deployed immediately and enhanced over time.

ASG Consulting offers consulting, education, and mentoring services for IBM's HATS solution. HATS provides the capability to makes 3270 and 5250 applications available as HTML through the most popular Web browsers, while converting host screens to a Web "look and feel."

A few important features of HATS are:

  • Extends the life of legacy business applications
  • Helps improve the workflow and navigation of your host applications, without any modification to application source code Transforms host screen components in real time
  • Adds lists, hot links, tables, buttons, valid value lists, tabbed folders, graphs, and other elements such as logos, graphics,and backgrounds
  • Creates programmed navigation through multiple terminal screens to improve the productivity and ease of use of your host applications
  • Integrated with the Eclipse-based IBM Software Delivery Platform and deployable to WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal, and Eclipse Rich Client runtime platforms
  • New in Version 7: Eclipse Rich Client Platform support. HATS now gives you the ability to transform access to your existing host applications using rich client GUI applications that run in Eclipse Rich Client Platform (Eclipse RCP) or Lotus Expeditor Client environments
  • Operating systems supported: AIX, HP Unix, i5/OS, Linux, Sun Unix, Windows, z/OS

HATS Pilot

ASG will perform an Initial HATS Conversion of your application. The client will provide a navigation script of the application and a flowchart of host application to be HATS enabled.

This Initial Conversion will consist of the following:

  • Design of “look and feel” web page template for web-enabled HATS screens.
  • Selection (screen recognition) of host screens to be HATS enabled for up to 4 transformations.
  • Transformation of selected host screens (from step 3) to new HATS web page per client requirements.
  • Publish completed HATS application on test server for client quality assurance testing.
  • Installation and setup HATS workbench on client workstation.
  • Installation and setup of Websphere Application Server on client Server.
  • Make any required modifications to HATS application as a result of client’s quality assurance testing, enhancement requirements, and additional application conversions.
  • Publish completed HATS application on production server mentoring.

If you're interested in a HATS solution, get in touch with us at sales@asg-consulting.com